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Shuby uses print, collage, paint and photography to create original reinterpretations that revel in absurdity, kitsch and irony. Her cheeky visions are almost dream-like in their Technicolor intensity. She works in a wide variety of mediums including paint, print making, ceramics and reworking found objects. Her influences include Josephine Baker, Busby Berkeley, Andy Warhol, Eduardo Paolozzi, Richard Hamilton, Joe Tilson, John Stezaker, Retro advertising, Car Boot Sales, Seaside charity shops and The Carnivalesque. Shuby has also made a large amount of street art that includes paste ups and spray painted shutters.


One of her first posters in 2007 was of a lady holding a big banana inspired by the 1943 musical by Busby Berkeley, The Gang’s All Here in which rows of ladies wave comedy bananas in the air. Since then Shuby has used the banana motif throughout her studio work and on the street in many different guises as a naughty but innocent calling card instantly recognizable and subversively humorous.

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