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ARTFINDER's Newest Curator!

We are delighted to announce that Nicola Charles, founder and director of 11:Eleven gallery has been appointed as one of the newest members of the Curatorial Board!

This marks a whole new milestone for Nicola and the gallery as it provides the opportunity to work with, and promote the art of so many talented artists from different countries and genres, especially those who may ordinarily fall outside of our usual scope.

We. Can't. Wait!

Q: Tell us about yourself and your background?

Born and raised in South London, I began my early career in the relationship management team at Christies Auctioneers in London. It was a surreal experience and possibly the happiest years of my life. I then moved on to work in professional services and spent too many years moving around an extremely process driven industry.

In 2017, I quit my job and travelled for a few months. In a small town in Cuba, called Trinidad, I discovered a quaint little art gallery. On entering, I just knew I had to open an art gallery of my own and as my travels continued, I had a similar feeling when I arrived in Washington, DC - I knew this was where I had to open the gallery.

Returning to London, I networked at art events and fairs, worked at galleries and with the Affordable Art Fair as a fair assistant to gain insight into the industry. I gained a curating certification at Sothebys before moving to the US in June 2019 and opened 11:eleven gallery a few months later on the 11th November, 2019.

Q: What excited you about joining Artfinder's curatorial board?

I am very familiar with Artfinder and how important such platforms are to artists and the art world alike, so to be invited to join the curatorial board was quite a big deal to me. I love what Artfinder stands for and their efforts toward global sustainability. I was also excited to be given the opportunity to work with and promote the art of so many talented artists from different countries and genres, especially those who may ordinarily fall outside of my usual scope.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to an artist just starting out on their journey?

Keep going and growing. Do not be afraid to master your craft and develop your portfolio at your own pace. And just when you think you can do it with your eyes closed, push yourself a little more!

Q: How do you select the artists you work with?

Everything about 11:Eleven gallery is a vibe and I am so proud of that. The artwork and artists are fun and bold, and they often convey strong and powerful messages behind the fine lines and bright colours. These are just some of the attributes I look for in new artists. I also look to see whether their artwork fits the general aesthetic of the gallery and seek to understand something unique about them and/or their practice.

Q: Tell us something you like to do outside of art?

Having moved to a new country, with a new business, I no longer get much time to enjoy the things I used to back home! I still really enjoy travelling, visiting vineyards and all the museums and cultural activities that Washington, DC has to offer.

Check out Nicola's very first collection of amazing US based artists below

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