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Pure Evil

Pure Evil is the alias of Welsh-born graffiti artist Charles Uzzell-Edwards. 


His wide-ranging body of work, includes portraits of celebrities such as President Barack Obama, David Bowie and Marilyn Monroe, depicted with drips of dark paint under their eyes. Born in South Wales, United Kingdom in 1968, his father was the painter John Uzzelll Edwards.  He studied fashion and graphic design in London before relocating to California, where he was first exposed to Street Art while working as a designer.


Pure Evil was particularly inspired by the works of artists such as Twist and Reminisce, who were very active in the West Coast graffiti scene of the 1990s.  After a decade in California, he moved back to London, became involved in Banksy’s pop-up gallery concept known as Santa’s Ghetto. It was around this time that the artist began producing his now-famous images of fanged bunnies. Pure Evil currently lives and works in London, United Kingdom.